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LaShanda’s love for fitness began at the tender age of 10, while going to work with her mother at NBC Studios, she began participating in a group fitness class, where the instructor often allowed her to demonstrate moves for the class. This love for movement quickly translated to a passion for other forms of movement. LaShanda became a professional West African dancer at the age of 14. She has performed with various companies throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, to include African Heritage Dancers and Drummers and Farafina Kan.

LaShanda’s heart’s desire is to see others live a healthy and fulfilled life.  She is a certified personal trainer and a certified fitness nutritionist specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  

LaShanda has taught several group fitness classes in various gyms and studios.  She is the owner of Fit4LYFE Studio in Fort Washington, Maryland. Her premier classes are “BodyCamp”,“CardioBlast” and “StepNTone”.  These classes are lively and energetic and are for the beginner to the advanced fitness enthusiast.

LaShanda’s main goal is to encourage her clients and participants to LiveYourFitnessEveryday (LYFE).  “Every day we should be striving to be better than we were the day before”. 


Coach Shanda's Mantra:

Commitment + Consistency = Change we want to see

Discipline + Dedication = Desired Outcome

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